miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Job interview

Enjoyed this job interview it's very funny
and i let you here 11 things that you have to do in your job interview


1.) Be sure to make your answers brief but complete.
2.) Avoid rambling on. Answer the question, then stop talking.
3.) Be clean and well groomed
4.) Arrive 10 min. early
5.) Greet your interviewer with a handshake and a smile.
6.) Remember to make good eye contact when you speak.
7.) Make a conscious effort to remember your interviewers name and use it when speaking. “Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.”
8.) Speak clearly
9.) Let your personality show when you are interviewing. Be courteous and friendly. The interviewer wants to see who you are as well as what you have to offer.

When the interview is over, smile, shake hands and thank the interviewer by name, “Thank you for your time”. Follow up with a thank you note at your earliest opportunity to make a continuous, good impression.

Curriculum vitae

martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011

My expression when entering for the first time was ok second life people have the opportunity to live and enjoy a second and better life.

Then I became familiar with avatars honestly I do not like none so I chose this

the funny thing of all this is i was an egg and i did not know how to changue it because I was an egg and my classmates were some gods or something like that hahaha

The interesting places are great and have good graphics and may even make friends and I can buy and sell things than there really is useful is good to learn the good things

I could see some works of art that I liked the Australian Museum

But then i went to other places I was curious and i start to flying all over Spain HAHAHAHA

Cover letter

November 26th, 2011
Paul Douglas
London, UK
Celphone Number : 902 483 6227

Dear. Paul Douglas

I read your advertising and I found it interesting, i realized through your website melon.bz and also in “google” that you are looking for a person with must have skills and a lot of ability with this position as a graphic designer I know all the adobe programs I can surely offer a great point of view in this area. I know how to handle customers, accept such ideas and transforming them into a good design
I’m pretty sure that I can get this job because i am qualified to work it used to work for a printing company and I was not conform with the position the company did not pay me well
I would like to have the opportunity to work again you will be satisfied with my portfolio and my creative ideas call me at +58(0414) 665 547 582 to be in contact
I hope to hear from you soon.

Claudia Briceño

Prepare a questionnaire of ten questions

1. Where did you go for inspiration?
The inspiration for a graphic designers comes and goes, is something that requires more than good imagination. Basically a good design that specifies what the others wants to see inspiration can be anything it can be everywhere.

2. Who is your favorite designer
My favorite designer it would be Andy warmhole

3. What software do you have experience using?
I have experience with windows 7 because is cheaper than a mac software

4. How graphic design can changes the world?
Graphic design is everywhere, and it will change the world most of the people think that design is make some sketches and done NO. is not just sketches and drawings is about much more is an art for many and an obstacle that requires a creative process and provided the design must be functional and beautiful would be no meaningless.

5. Do you design using standards/tables/css etc?
Yes, I have tables is a very useful tool improve my sketches make it look a little more better

6. What have you done to improve your Graphic design knowledge ?
To improve my knowledge basically I practice a lot with the programs of design like Indesing Ilustrator Photoshop Dreamweaber also I practice with the programs of autodesk company´s magazines are useful too that sort of thing, I'd buy a book of tutorials to learn more.

7. Which of the following is the most important stage of graphic designing – planning, designing, or executing?
I would like to say planning but my area is the execution at the time to think and know how to use the program so that things work out well and have a good result, for me as designer and for others.

8. Where do you see yourself professionally 10 years?
In ten years I see myself wiser and a lot of mature, in the future I have my own company with many excellent designers making some futures plans and innovative

9. What made you choose to apply to Graphic design?
I would say that my mind was based on always imagine things differently from another perspective a better world I always take the little account of the tiny things and especially since I was 15 years and I said to myself this is what I'm good for at this moment of course.

10. What have you learned from your past jobs?
I learned a lot at this point from how to treat the clients and advise them to make a nice design, learned how to make pop material I also learned how to make a cd packaging birthday cards and stuff like that.

Fair of chiquinquira :)

I made these t-shirt for the fair of chiquinquira
The t-shirt has the logotype of our campaign :)

I made this beautiful postcard
For this palete i use warm colors because reminds me the city
to the left in the postcard is there a photo of the virgen.

This is the final project!

A virtual exposition of La Chinita`s Fair! We made this Exposition in the URBE EFL Center in Second Life. We decided to make a Stand and put it in the middle of the place, it has to faces, it is like a triptic.

Main features of the event


The format of this project is an stand with the form of a tryptic, it also have an oval form in the top of it that move. Has a simple diagram, vertical, using a lot of images, the reticle has tree columns in vertical.

Design determiners:

Image Style: The determiner of this stand is the using of the typical colors and shapes of the fair, also using images taken of the monument representatives.

Color: The determiner of the color was vivid colors, like blue or reds.

Fonts: We use Serif typography with ornaments.

Graphic elements: We use photographs and vectors.

Graphemes: We use vectorization of the monument of la chinita for a poster, and images with special effects.

Visual Rhetoric: We use the sinecdoque because it expresses the part for all.

Semiotic: We use it in the symbols of la chinita, in the pictures. We also use paradigmatic relatiens where signs get meaning from their association with other signs.

Advertising: The message that we use was ``chinita`s fair``, because it is consistent and leaves you just right to the meaning of the project.

Graphic Concept

Our 3 meaningful terms were: Inspiring, religion and fair.

Sistagmatic relation: This was stablich by the meaning of the fair la chinita and the history of the fair.